Memorial Marker

A ceremony was held at the Police Department to unveil Memorial Markers in honor of fallen officers Gordon Stotz and Johnnie Patterson, Jr. Stotz’s daughter and the parents of Patterson were on hand for the unveiling. Also, formers Chiefs Waters, Kirkland, Romine and Martin joined in the ceremony.

Officer Johnnie Patterson, Jr.


Johnnie Patterson, Jr. was hired
as a Police Officer on June 24, 1996.
He was shot and killed while in foot
pursuit of a suspect that ran from
him after a vehicle traffic stop
on March 8, 1997.

Gordon Elmer Stotz


Gordon Elmer Stotz was hired
as a Police Officer on January 12, 1953.
He was killed in an automobile accident
on March 28, 1956 when his police unit
left the roadway while in pursuit of a
speeding vehicle that was fleeing a
elude apprehension.