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Starting a Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch Coordinator and Block Captain Duties


The Coordinator’s job is crucial to the success of your program. This may be the right job for a retiree or other individual who has extra time at home. This person’s responsibilities may include:

Expanding the program and maintaining a current list of participants and neighborhood residents, including names, addresses, home and work telephone numbers, and vehicle descriptions;

Acting as liaison between Neighborhood Watch members, law enforcement officers, civic groups, and block captains;

Arranging neighborhood crime prevention training programs;

Obtaining and distributing crime prevention materials, such as stickers and signs;

Encouraging participation in “Operation Identification,” a nationwide program in which personal property is marked with a unique identifying number to permit positive identification if valuables are lost or stolen.


Block captains should be designated for every 10 - 15 houses and they should be directly involved with their immediate neighbors. The block captain’s responsibilities may include:

Acting as liaison between block residents and the Coordinator;

Establishing a “telephone chain” by compiling and distributing a current list of names, address and telephone numbers of block participants;

Visiting and inviting new residents to join NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH; notifying them of meetings and training sessions;

Establishing the “Operation Identification” program;

Contact each neighbor as often as possible to discuss possible crime problems, needs for assistance, and suggestions for program improvement.


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