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Media Releases - 2013

All media releases are in PDF format, which require Adobe Reader.  If you do not have the PDF Reader, click here for the FREE reader.

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(PDF:91KB) Media Release 12-30-13 (Pair Arrested For Stealing Golf Carts)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 12-18-13 (False Report of Runaway)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 11-30-13 (Puppy Dies After Being Thrown In Dumpster)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 11-28-13 (Woman Shoots Daughter)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 11-23-13 (Three Men Take Vehicle Left Running At Circle K)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 11-22-13 (Road Rage Lands Man In Jail)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 11-21-13 (Warrant For William Jovan Hicks For Striking 16 Year-Old in Head With A Gun)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 11-8-13 (Warrant For Man For Sexual Batter On 13 Year Old)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 11-4-13 (Two Men Sought In Daytime Shootout)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 10-8-13 (Smash & Grab At Metro Mart in Stolen Jeep)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 10-28-13 (Shoplifter Roundup Conducted in Winter Haven)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 10-8-13 (Man Arrested On Attempted First Degree Murder Charges)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 10-3-13 (Fire and Death Investigation at Winter Haven Home
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 9-30-13 (Reduction of Reported Crime
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 9-16-13 (New Port Richey Man Caught In Act of Burglaries)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 9-14-13 (Orlando Man Arrested For Stealing From 85 Yr-Old)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 9-12-13 (Teen Arrested For Robbing 9 Yr Old of Bike)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 9-6-13 (Man Arrested For Commanding Pit Bull to Attack During Attempted Robbery)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 8-28-13 (Man Charged With Battery On LEO)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 8-19-13 (Man Charged With Child Custody Interference)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 8-15-13 (High School Coach Arrested For Sexual Battery)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 8-13-13 (CenterState Bank Text Scam)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 6-29-13 (Teen Shot Outside of Garden Club)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 6-14-13 (Mother and Son Arrested For Arson)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 6-13-13 (Felon Identified in Recent Attacks)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 6-10-13 (Man Arrested For Molesting Three Year-Old Girl)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 6-10-13 (Ashir Matai - Captured On Outstanding Warrants And Burglary Of Ex-Girlfriends Home)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 6-7-13 (Father Charged in Five Week-Old Baby's Death)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 6-3-13 (Trio with Lengthy Records Arrested For Shoplifting)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 6-3-13 (Separate Traffic Stops Lead to Drug Arrests)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 5-16-13 (Teen Arrested After Bullying Turns to Robbery)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 5-13-13 (UCR Crime Reduction for 2012)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 5-13-13 (Suspect Got More Than He Bargained For After Encountering Ledger Carriers)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 5-6-13 (Stabbing Suspect Captured After Tip Leads To Location)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 4-30-13 (Dangerous Felon Sought When Gun Misfired During Argument In Crowded Parking Lot)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 4-27-13 (Warrant Issued For Stabbing Suspect)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 4-27-13 (Craigslist Robber Sought)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 4-16-13 (Two Men Arrested For Sexual Battery)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 4-16-13 (Man Arrested For Sexual Assault)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 4-2-13 (Police To Canvass Neighborhood In Search of Tips)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 4-1-13 (Woman Arrested For Possessing Counterfeit Biills)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 3-18-13 (Arrest Made in A T & T Robbery)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 3-16-13 (Woman Crashes Into Police Cruiser)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 3-5-13 (Phone Call Scams of Computer Technical Support)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 3-4-13 (Traffic Stop Nets Counterfeit Movies)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 2-15-13 (Search Warrant Lands Family In Jail)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 2-6-13 (Ramkisson Recovered in NY - Man Arrested)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 2-1-13 (Man Arrested for Sexual Activity with Minor)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 1-28-13 (Three Arrested In Burglary)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 1-24-13 (Pair Arrested For Stealing Pontoon Boat)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 1-14-13 (Fifth Grader Arrested For Bringing Butcher Knife To School)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 1-11-13 (Man Arrested For Pulling Knife While Soliciting Money)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 1-11-13 (Toddlers Found in Yard Unsupervised - Woman Arrested
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 1-10-13 (Buggy Roundup)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 1-5-13 (Avon Park Women Arrested in Grand Theft at K-Mart)
(PDF:91KB) Media Release 1-3-13 (ATV Joyride Lands Man in Jail)
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