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                    Ordinance O-08-27
                               Enacted June 23, 2008

Before security alarm system activation or monitoring occurs, business and residential alarm users, or alarm companies acting on the user’s behalf, must register the alarm system with the Winter Haven Police Department by applying for a non-transferable Alarm Permit and paying a single permit registration fee of $30.96.   Click Here For Application

A separate alarm permit must be acquired for each alarm system to be used; in the case of multiple alarm systems being used on an individual property, a separate permit must be registered for each alarm system.

Current business and residential security alarm users with alarms activated prior to June 23, 2008 must also obtain an Alarm Permit with the Winter Haven Police Department within 120 days of the ordinance being passed and achieve compliance with pertinent terms and conditions or defined penalties will be assessed.

Any approved and issued Alarm Permit must be updated within 30 days of any personal, contact, system or other related information changing.

An approved Alarm Permit will remain in effect until the system is no longer in use or there is a change in the address, ownership or possession of the premises where an alarm system is maintained. Within 30 days of this type of transaction occurring, a new Alarm Permit application must be filed and the required registration fee paid.

Alarm companies and users are required to abide by specific rules for the benefit of the consumer and the City. Please review those requirements here.


Failure to Register - Obtain
an Alarm Permit

$123.79 each occurrence

Excessive False Alarms


   Fourth and Fifth Occurrence

$  61.89 each

   Sixth and Seventh Occurrence


   Eighth and Ninth Occurrence

$309.45 each

   Tenth Occurrence and Beyond

$618.92 each

Runaway Alarms

Police Chief's Discretionary Discontinuation of Law Enforcement Response Service

Subject to a Consumer Price Index based adjustment of no less
      than 2.5% annually each October 1.

All penalties will be imposed by Final Order sent certified via U.S. Mail and monetary penalties will be due and payable within 30 days of receipt of the Final Order. Assessed penalties may be timely appealed in writing and shall be heard through an administrative process established by the Police Chief or his designee.

Government immunity for law enforcement response is sustained.

An Alarm User Awareness Class to promote security system operations understanding and false alarm reduction education will be developed and periodically offered.

For more information, contact:
                                                        City of Winter Haven
                              Cheryl Westbrook, Support Services Clerk/Alarm Coordinator

Click Here For Application

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