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The General Investigations Division is responsible for investigating reports of crime, apprehending suspects and taking an active role in tracking repeat offenders. Detectives are assigned either to Property or Violent Crimes. They are responsible for investigating crimes, collecting all evidence in a case, apprehending suspects and preparing the case for prosecution. The division also gathers intelligence information, processes crime scenes and securely maintains all evidence.

The General Investigations Unit includes:

Detective Division:  The Detective Division is responsible for follow-up investigations on all felony cases that occur within the city limits of Winter Haven.

Crime Scene:  The Crime Scene Unit responds to various crime scenes that require the collection and preservation of evidence.

Emergency Response Team: E.R.T. addresses high-risk incidents, such as barricaded suspects and hostage situations as well as other specialized tactical assignments.

Honor Guard: The Honor Guard performs at public functions such as parades, police officer burials, holiday observances and other appropriate public exhibitions.


 Online Services
Sexual Predators
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement opens this resource to users in order to enter any address in Florida and search the Florida Sexual Offender/Predator Registry. A map is also available. Log on HERE to start the search.
Purchase Accident Reports
If you need to obtain an accident report that occurred in the City of Winter Haven, you can obtain one from the convenience of your home. Click HERE to begin a search for the report. (Please note there may be a fee associated with this service)
Inmate Search
All arrestees in Polk County are taken to the Polk County Jail and booked into that facility. Click HERE to access the Polk County Sheriff's site for inmate information.

Strategic Plan

We are pleased to present our first multi-year Strategic Plan. This document will guide our efforts as we strive to ensure the safety of our community and enhance the leadership and management of the Department...
Strategic Plan


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